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Bengal Tiger Movie Review - 3/5 - Idiot is Back

Cast: Raviteja, Tamanna, Rashi Khanna, Boman Irani and Others
Directed by: Sampath Nandi
Produced by: KK Radha Mohan
Banner: Sri Satya Sai Arts
Music by: Bheems Ceciroleo
Release Date: 2015-12-10

Mass Maharaja Raviteja who had a setback with his previous outing Kick 2 is back in and as Bengal Tiger directed by Sampath Nandi. Director Sampath Nandi moved on to Bengal Tiger after he was replaced by another director for Gabbar Singh 2. Sampath has once again banked on the commercial masala that has fetched him a hit with Racha. This movie has its moments but the constant dejavu feeling and routine revenge drama makes it yet another among the herd. There is nothing exceptional about the film to make it a special one.  

What is it about?

Akash (Raviteja) decides to become famous after he is rejected by a girl. He throws a stone at a minister (Sayaji Shinde) in a public meeting and later joins as his assistant. He saves home minister's (Rao Ramesh) daughter Sraddha (Rashi Khanna) who later falls for him. However he rejects her and confesses that he is in love with Chief Minister's (Boman Irani) daughter (Tamanna). Is there a motive behind his intentions or is he simply trying to become famous?


Raviteja is not so impressive with his lean look but that didn't take away the energy in him. This is a tailor made character for him and he has owned the film. His character is thoroughly entertaining in the first half. Rashi Khanna gets more screen time than Tamanna. Both the heroines had a sole purpose to add glamour to the proceedings. They have done their bit in this aspect. Boman Irani is good as the politician. Rao Ramesh also is okay. Pruthvi steals the show as a wannabe super star. Posani does his usual thing as Celebrity Sastry. Brahmanandam failed yet again. Supporting cast has done justice to their respective roles.


Sampath Nandi tried to play it safe by banking on the formula. He has thrown in every element that makes a complete commercial film. He has to be credited for the hero's characterization and the entertainment in first half. He couldn't make it an interesting film by opting for routine treatment in second half.

Dialogues written by the director himself are good in parts. Music by Bheems is loud. There is nothing to rave about his work except for the theme music that makes an impact. Cinematography is fine. Action is over the top. Editing could have been better in the second half. Production values are good. Bengal Tiger is a rich product with quality visuals.

Thumbs Up:


Pruthvi's character

Tamanna and Rashi's skin show

Thumbs Down:


Routine Second half


Bengal Tiger starts off like most of the Raviteja entertainers with funny one-liners and a dash of action. Comedy clicks big time with the introduction of Prithvi who brings the house down in two or three sequences. Drive in the first half is mostly smooth and keep us entertained. There is a nice twist at the interval point making the first half a paisa vasool fare.

Things go haywire in the second half with logic taking the back seat. Common man locking horns with Chief Minister should have been dealt well. As expected there is a back story behind hero's motive and the movie falls back on the age old revenge drama. Bengal Tiger turns boring as it approaches the climax.

Raviteja's energy, Prithvi comedy and a largely entertaining first half are the high points of Bengal Tiger. Mass audience may enjoy this for the above factors and the heroines liberal skin show is a bonus. Audience that are fed up of watching the same old drama in each and every film may not be able to sit through the second half without complaining about the fuss. Bengal Tiger has chances to score in B and C centers but as a film it will go down as yet another routine fare.

Verdict: Roaring First Half, Boring Second Half.