Om Namo Venkatesaya

Panneerselvam orders IT raids on Sasikala's aides ?

IT raids are creating vibes in Tamilnadu politics. Can it be seen as an indication for the cold war between Paneer Selvam and Sasikala as the raids are continuing only on the aides of Sasikala. The consequences of Jayalalitha's demise are increasing the political heat in Tamilnadu. Ex CS Rammohan Rao and IAS Nagaraju on who IT raided and seized crores of money and properties are the blind followers of the so called Chinnamma. It is said that Sasikala played a key role in appointing Rammohan as CS. Political experts say that appointing Girija as new CS is a part of new strategy of Paneer Selvam to put a check to Sasikala. It seems that Paneer Selvam joined hands with BJP which resulted in the form of raids proving Selvam mark politics as Jayalalitha's follower.