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Brothers Movie Review - Wait for the home edition Brothers!

Rating: 2.5/5
Cast : Surya, Kajal, Sachin Khedekar, Tara and others
Directed by : KV Anand
Produced by : Bellamkonda Suresh
Banner : Sri Sai Ganesh Productions
Music : Harris Jairaj
Release Date : 2012-10-12

Surya's Maattraan has been dubbed in Telugu as Brothers in which the versatile actor played conjoined twin characters. KV Anand of Rangam fame is the director. Brothers is a decent attempt which has gone awry due to bad treatment and screenplay. Here is Brothers review...

What is it about?

A Genetics Professor's experiment goes wrong and as a result his babies born as conjoined twins. Only one of the babies has heart and both of them survive on it. Akhil (surya) is a happy go lucky type and Vimal (surya) is very sincere and honest. Despite living together all the time, they both have different ideologies and tastes. Vimal falls in love with Anjali (Kajal) and everything is going fine in their lives there comes a sudden twist which leaves a lasting impact on their lives forever.


Suriya is cute as Vimal and cunning as Akhil. He is lovable in both the characters. He did very well in the emotional scenes. This is one of his best works till date. Kajal Agarwal is fine in her role as a translator. Could have done better. Chinmayi's dubbing doesn't suit Kajal. Sachin Khedekar brings believability to the character and helped to maintain the suspense element in the first hour. All others have done a decent job.

On the Technical Front:

Quality of Dubbing is good. Writer Shashank has come up with neat dialogues. There aren't any bookish dialogues in spite of it being a dubbed film. Music by Harris Jairaj is mediocre. Cinematography by Soundara Rajan is impressive. This film has cool locales. Editing could have been way better. This film has rich production values.

Director KV Anand's idea is impressive. He failed to bring it on to the screen in a perfect way. Direction in second half is pretty poor.


First 45 minutes or so are completely dedicated to show Suriya in conjoined twin characters. There is nothing spectacular about these scenes but they are fine. There are few funny scenes in this period too. Later the movie takes a turn and things get serious. Story flows smoothly until the interval part.

Few can predict the interval point and later director faltered with the screenplay. He could have chosen better ways to deal with this subject. Instead he took investigative path which has been dragged too long. None of the scenes are engaging or gripping in the second hour. This is the biggest drawback of this film.

Director could have opted to make it an action thriller, but too many conversations and unexciting incidents marred Brothers prospects at box office. In Tamil Surya's image might come in handy, but in Telugu Borthers is inferior to Seventh Sense film. People who look for novelty may feel it is okay for trying out a different concept. But on a whole the masses wouldn't lap it up. With two biggies lined up for release next week, Brothers will have to do whatever they can in this week itself.

Verdict: Wait for the home edition Brothers!