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Tripura Movie Review - 2/5 - Outdated Horror (Wait for Home Edition)

Cast: Swathi, Naveen Chandra, Rao Ramesh, Saptagiri and Others
Directed by: Raj Kiran
Produced by: Rajasekhar and Chinababu
Banner: Sharwanth Ram Creations
Music by: Kamran
Release Date: 2015-11-06

Telugu film lovers are happily lapping up any horror comedy thrown at them. Director Raj Kiran's first movie Geetanjali was also a horror comedy that went on to become a super hit. He tried to repeat the feat with his latest offering Tripura that is also based on Horror and Entertainment. Swathi played the lead role in it.

What is it about?

Whatever Tripura (Swathi) sees in her dreams comes to life and her father thinks that she has some medical disorder. She falls in love with Doctor Naveen (Naveen Chandra) who is treating her. They get married and Tripura gets to see the visions of people dying that eventually turn out to be true. Tripura is terrified when she dreams of stabbing Naveen. Is Naveen hiding something from her? Why would Tripura stab her loving husband?


Swathi is a good actress and does a neat job in the lead role. This character is different from the bubbly characters that Swathi usually plays. She has put on some weight to suit the character of a married woman. Naveen Chandra is impressive. He does justice to his character. Rao Ramesh is alright and adds a bit of suspense to the proceedings. Saptagiri gets a meaty role and he does his best to keep us entertained. Shakalaka Shankar and Jaya Prakash Reddy are okay in their cameos. The guy who did the cop character is not up to the mark.


Director Raj Kiran should have tried something different from his first attempt. He has once again attempted to scare the audience with a dose of comedy. He added drama, romance and some other commercial elements to make it look different from Geetanjali. Despite maintaining the suspense till the penultimate scenes, Tripura fails to entertain due to bad screenplay and dated narration.

Music is too bad. Songs are absolutely not needed for this film. Background score too doesn't impress. Editing is very bad. There is nothing worthy of the cinematography. Tripura is a low budget film with poor production values.  

Thumbs Up:


Suspense Element

Thumbs Down:




Tripura is a lackluster attempt to cash in on the current trend of horror comedies. Director Raj Kiran's first film Geetanjali did well at the box office in spite of the mediocre script. Comedy and horror were neatly packaged in Geetanjali that audience didn't mind much about the script. The director made a conscious effort to have a strong plot and characters in Tripura.

Tripura surely has some intriguing elements such as dreams coming to life, a haunted house, an unsolved murder mystery etc. Problem lies in the screenplay that is pathetic at best. So many elements are thrown in to the film and none of them makes an impact. There is horror, there is comedy and there is suspense that should keep you on the edge of your seat.

Instead Tripura moves at a snail's pace that you will lose interest in knowing what has happened on that fateful night. Comedy didn't click and there is not a single scene that genuinely scares you. The twists and turns also are predictable that the great reveal in the climax didn't have any impact. Tripura might draw the attention of the audience's new found love towards this genre, but it lacks everything that pleases them.

Verdict: Outdated Horror (Wait for Home Edition)