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Omkar Raju Gari Gadhi Movie Review - 2/5 - Kept Logics Away N Blind Follow Omkar Annaya

After the debacle of Genius, Top TV Anchor Omkar came with Raju Gari Gadhi, which was made on now a days, Super hit Genre, horror comedy. This successful genre would give grand entry for Ohmkar at box office or not, Let’s went through Raju Gari Gadhi Telugu Movie Review..

Raj Mahal, which became the most haunted house after the serial deaths. Based on the hype and terror aired around Raj Mahal, Maa TV started a reality show with a prize money worth 3 crores for the winners, who spent week in the haunting Mahal”. For this lucrative proposal, Ashwin Babu(brother of Omkar) , Dhanya Balakrishna, Dhanraj ,Shakalaka Shankar, Eshanya and Chetan took the challenge.

Later, What happened to them? Did they won the contest or became victims for the haunted Raj Mahal? was the main plot of the film.

In Raju Gari Gadhi, all the lead cast done their best. Ashwin Babu and Dhanya Balakrishna were played their part. Despite Ashwin Babu was the hero of the movie, Jabardasth Stars Dhanraj and Shakala Shankar carried the movie on their shoulders. Both Dhanraj and Shankar tickled the funny bones with their comedy timing, mannerisms and expressions.

Dhanraj and Shankar got wonderful character and, both they done fabulous job. In Raju Gari Gadhi, Dhanraj and Shankar shared the Lion’s Share with their hilarious comedy. Frankly, Dhanraj and Shankar were the heroes of Raju Gari Gadhi. Later, Sapthagiri came like a lightening and left, by creating awesome entertainment. Along with them, Chetan also done his part as antagonist with his psychic expressions. Finally, Poorna and Posani Krishna Murali entertained with their special appearance.

In Raju Gari Gadhi, Prabhas Sreenu, Raghu Babu and Jabardasth made their mark.

After the performance, Raju Gari Gadhi was technically fine with DOP and Back Ground music. Director Omkar concentrated only on comedy better than scary and gripping scenes. Omkar tried to blend a message about Organ Donation with scary elements.

May be, because of this only, he didn’t done proper justice to the story. Omkar made Raju Gari Gadhi with non sense comedy followed by lot of flaws. Despite they were trembling like leaves with the fear of ghost, they went to it and threw challenge, which was really silly and revealing the illogical vision and thoughts of Omkar. Like this, there were such flaws, a lot.

Positive Points:
Dhanraj and Shakalaka Shankar Comedy
Some exciting comedy stuff

Negative Points:
Story and Weak Screenplay
Scenes were expectable.
Not enough stuff to scare.

Raju Gari Gadhi was expectable and studded with non-sense and silly comedy. But, it may have a chance to attract mass audience. To Watch N Enjoy Comedy Of  Raju Gari Gadhi,”  Kept Logics Away N Blind Follow Omkar Annaya”.