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Hyper Movie Review - 2.7/5 - Audiences are Very Hyper

Cast: Ram, Rashi Khanna, Rao Ramesh, Satya Raj, Murali Sharma and others
Directed by: Santosh Srinivas
Produced by: Ram, Gopi, Anil
Banner: 14 Reels Entertainment
Music by: Ghibran
Release Date: 2016-09-30

Ram who has scored a super hit with Nenu Sailaja earlier this year has tried his hand at commercial cinema yet again with Hyper. It is directed by Kandireega fame Santosh Srinivas. Hyper is a template commercial cinema based on father sentiment laced with a social message. There are a few moments that will be liked by the masses, but on a whole Hyper is just another masala fare that goes overboard especially during its second hour.

What is it about?

Surya (Ram) loves his father Narayana Murthy (Satya Raj) so much to a level that even his father couldn't tolerate his excessive admiration. Narayana Murthy is a sincere Government employee on the verge of retirement. He is against corruption and goes by the book. He refuses to give clearance to the mall owned by a minister called Rajappa (Rao Ramesh) as it is being built against rules. Rajappa's ego is hurt and wants to make Narayana Murthy sign the documents by using his power. Surya tangles with Rajappa and the cat and mouse begins between the middle class youth and the minister.


Ram is as energetic as ever. He did extremely well in the scenes between father and son and has shown his hyper energy in the mass scenes. There is nothing to point out about his performance or presence. He did his best to make Hyper work. Rashi Khanna looked cute and charming as an innocent girl. She is ravishing in the songs. Satya Raj is superb in the father character. Rao Ramesh is in terrific form and he has in the role of an egoistic politician. Murali Sharma is alright. Prabhas Sreenu, Jayaprakash Reddy and Posani Krishna Murali provide humor.


Santosh Srinivas made sure to have all the necessary ingredients for a perfect commercial entertainer. Father and son bonding scenes have been penned in an entertaining yet touching way. First half is entertaining and the second half starts off well with the confrontation between hero and villain. Santosh lost grip over the screenplay during the second hour with overdose of masala elements.

Ghibran's music is mediocre. Few songs are watchable because of the lead pair, but the music is a total letdown. Cinematography is strictly average. Editing is okay. Dialogues are fine and the production values are rich.

Thumbs Up:

Ram and Rao Ramesh's performance

Entertainment in first half

Thumbs Down:

Sloppy second half


Pre climax and climax scenes


Hyper is yet another commercial film that is targeted at the B and C centers audience. It is not an easy task to write an engaging screenplay for a commercial film when every three out of five films released are made with similar template. Santosh Srinivas did well to create humor using father and son relationship.

First half is fairly engaging and equally entertaining with a dose of novelty. Son unknowingly plotting a plan against his father is a good idea. Everything seems decent until the interval scene where the film switches into action mode. From then on, over the top action and loud dialogues make you cringe.

Second half totally runs in the same mode. Confrontation scenes between Ram and Rao Ramesh worked in bits and pieces. Logic goes for a toss as the powerful politician never really uses his power to crush the hero. Director's attempt to give a social message has hit the final nail in the coffin for Hyper. Last thirty minutes of the film is mediocre at best.

It would need a lot of self control to not to laugh at the amateurishness of the scenes during the pre climax and climax portions. Despite Ram and Rao's sincere attempts to make it work, Hyper fails to hold your interest and turns into a ham-fest during the second hour. Even hardcore masala lovers would feel that it is an average fare. Others will be looking at the nearest exit during the second half for sure.

Verdict : Audiences are Very Hyper