Om Namo Venkatesaya

No Bharat Ratna not even Memorial for Jayalalitha

SC has supported the judgement of Karnataka Trial Court and announced final verdict in Jayalalitha's DA case. As per the judgement Jayalalitha has to pay a fine amount of Rs 100 crores to the court. SC has not clearly mentioned about how to recover the fine amount as Jayalalitha is not alive. But regarding the other convicts SC has ordered to handover their 6 companies to the court. Legal experts say that the court can get the fine amount Rs 100 crores from Jaya estates. Regarding the collection of fine amount worth Rs 10 crores from each the court can order for auction of their properties and jewelleries and get the amounts. Legal experts say that Jayalalitha will never get Bharat Ratna not even Memorial as she proved convicted in DA case.