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Gentleman Movie Review - 2.5/5 - Thrills Mildly

Cast: Nani, Nivetha Thomas, Surabhi, Avasarala Srinivas, Vennela Kishore and Others
Directed by: Indraganti Mohana Krishna
Produced by: Sivalenka Krishna Prasad
Banner: Sridevi Movies
Music by: Manisharma
Release Date: 2016-06-17

Nani who has been making all the right choices lately has come up with yet another engaging film that will keep you interested right till the end. Indraganti Mohana Krishna who has made some decent films in the past has bounced back with Gentleman that will surely impress the audiences that are desperately looking for a change from regular masala.

What is it about?

Catherine (Nivetha) and Aishwarya (Surabhi) meet on a plane. They tell their love stories to each other to kill time. Catherine tells Aishwarya about Gautham (Nani) and Aishwarya tells her about her fiance Jai (Nani). Catherine is shocked to see Jai who exactly looks like her boy friend Gautham. When Catherine goes to Gautham's home to meet him, she gets the bad news that Gautham has died in an accident. However, Catherine doubts Jai that he has something to do with Gautham's death.


Nani is brilliant as usual. He has come up with a flawless performance yet again. The character demanded wide variety of emotions and Nani has effortlessly done justice to it. Nivetha Thomas is a great find. She is beautiful and can act. Surabhi pales in front of Nivetha in all aspects. Avasarala Srinivas is good and Vennela Kishore is hilarious. Srimukhi got a good role and she did well. Rohini is decent.


Indraganti Mohana Krishna has chosen a story that is different from the run of the mill stuff. His screenplay is decent if not perfect. He has handled the film well in spite of few hiccups in the middle. He did a good job in maintaining the suspense till the very end.

Songs are passable, but Manisharma's background score is pulsating. He has elevated many scenes with his splendid BGM. Cinematography by Vinda is also one of the plus points. Editing could have been crisper. Production values are good.

Thumbs Up:




Thumbs Down:

Slow pace

First half drags


Gentleman has an interesting plot albeit some logic. The film takes a while to unfold. The real drama starts only at the interval point and it only gets better after that. The screenplay keeps you guessing all the time. The real suspense behind the protagonist's behavior is kept a secret until the very end.

There are a few lags in between and there are scenes that could have been executed in a better fashion. Despite all that Gentleman is an engrossing experience that will impress the audience that look for variety. Nani's superb performance keeps you hooked till the end.

Director could have done away with the songs in the second hour that comes as speed breakers. A slow paced first half is the main issues with this film. If you patiently sit through till the interval, then you are in for a thrill ride for sure. Gentleman Nani has another winner on hands.

Verdict: Pucca Gentleman