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Lucky Movie Review - Srikanth's Bad Luck still haunts!

Movie : LUCKY
Rating: 2.5/5
Cast : Srikanth, Meghana, Roja, Brahmanandam and others
Directed by : Hari
Produced by : Rajeshwari
Banner : Raja Rajeswari Pictures
Music : Sai Karthik
Release Date : 2012-11-01

Hero Srikanth's latest film Lucky is out in theaters now. Srikanth has been out of form since very long and was completely out of buzz prior to Mahatma. Understandably Lucky movie released with zero hype around it. Considering Srikanth's track record as a centurion hero, Lucky is a notable film as far as Telugu cinema is concerned. Check the details of Lucky.

What is it about?

Lakshmi Narasimha who is fondly known as Lucky (Srikanth) is a unhappy man who is not satisfied with his job or his family. He hates women as most of the women in his life only torture him. He gets a special power of knowing what women think and then his perspective changes.


Srikanth simply sleep walked through the role. He is believable as a man in mid thirties despite being older. His performance in the scene where he compares women to wifi network is hilarious. Meghana has nothing much to do except for looking admiringly at Srikanth. There are few popular actors in the support cast. Roja is alright as the strict lady boss.

Brahmanandam has been wasted. AVS is fine. Tagubothu Ramesh and others didn't have sizeable roles to make an impact. Sana didn't look like Srikanth's mother and it has been confessed by Srikanth himself.

On the Technical Front:

Dialogues are not up to the mark. This film is intended to be funny most of the times. But poor writing didn't help the cause. Cinematography is strictly okay. The methods that are implemented are mostly outdated. Music is mediocre. Sai Karthik didn't compose a single impressive tune. Director Hari failed in the writing department itself. He could have made this a laugh riot. Despite having good concept on hands, he failed to translate it into a decent film.


Lucky is a blatant copy of 2000 Hollywood romantic comedy 'What Women Want'. The main plot has been lifted from that film and director added few commercial elements to suit our tastes. However, he has failed miserably with pretty bad writing.

Except for few scenes which are genuinely hilarious, Lucky is a badly made movie. First half is fine with few good laughs, but second half mostly runs on dramatic mode. Terrorism angle given to the film was an utter failure. Those scenes were so stupid that its impact might give an impression that watching Lucky is sheer waste of time.

Despite having fair chance to make this a good entertainer, director couldn't make use of talented star cast. Saying so, Lucky is far better than Srikanth's films like Ranga the Donga etc. Poor openings suggest that Lucky may not be so lucky on the commercial front. You may wait for the home edition if you are planning to watch it.

Verdict: Phew, Srikanth's Bad Luck still haunts!