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Courier Boy Kalyan Movie Review - 2/5 - Wrongly Delivered Courier Boy

Cast: Nithin, Yami Gautham, Asutosh Rana and others
Directed by: Prem Sai
Produced by: Gautham Menon
Banner: Guru Films
Music by: Anup, Karthik
Release Date: 2015-09-17

Nithin's Courier Boy Kalyan was launched few years ago but didn't release all these days as the producers ran into financial troubles. The film is finally out in theaters now.

What is it about?

Kalyan (Nithin) reluctantly agrees to do the job of a courier boy to help his friend. He meets sales girl Kavya (Yami) with whom he falls in love at the first sight. Kalyan continues to do the job to impress Kavya. A courier is sent to activist Satya Murthy (Nasser) about a high level conspiracy planned by few doctors (Asutosh Rana, Ravi Prakash and others). That courier lands in Kalyan's hands. He should see that the truth is out against all the odds.


Nithin is apt in the role of Kalyan. He is extremely good in the scenes where he tries to woo Yami Gautham. He is competent in the action scenes too. However there is little he could do about the half baked script. Yami Gautham is as gorgeous as ever. She has no role to play in the main story. Asutosh Rana is alright and Nasser too is fine. Rajesh and Harshavardhan are good in the supporting roles.


Sai Prem has come up with a different plot but couldn't make it into an interesting feature film. Direction is good only in parts. Sai Prem should have concentrated on writing a tight screenplay instead of wasting time on the sub tracks that don't help the main plot in any way.

Songs are okay. Karthik and Anup have given some good tunes but the film doesn't have space for songs. Background score is good. Cinematography is alright. Editing is neat. The film's runtime is just over hundred minutes. Editor did a good job to keep things short and tight.

Thumbs Up:


Running Time

Thumbs Down:

Poor First Half

Unnecessary songs


There is hardly any urgency seen in the movie especially during the first hour. It moves at a leisure pace without getting into thick of things. The movie gets interesting only towards the interval point. By then most of the runtime has been wasted on trivial and unnecessary things that are absolutely not needed to the story.

Second half is better compared to the first half. Director should have opted for thriller setup rather falling upon the commercial elements. Songs come as speed breakers to the flow of the story. A couple of songs could have been easily chopped off. Romance track between Nithin and Yami didn't come out as expected.
Predictability is another big problem for this film that never throws any surprises at any point. Nithin's presence and the short runtime are the only plusses in this otherwise boring movie that doesn't take itself seriously. A huge disappointment for the audience who go with expectations looking at the names like Gautham Menon associated with it. You can wait for the Courier to be delivered at your home rather than running to the theaters.
Verdict: A Badly Packaged Product.