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Tupaki Movie Review - Worth a watch for Action lovers

Movie : Tupaki
Rating: 3/5
Cast : Vijay, Kajal, Vidyut and others
Directed by : Murugadoss
Produced by : Sobha
Banner : Gemini Film Circuit
Music : Harris Jairaj
Release Date : 2012-11-14

Ghajini fame Murugadoss's latest Tamil film Thuppakki has been dubbed in to Telugu as Tupaki. Tamil star hero Vijay played the lead role and Kajal is the female lead. This film caught the attention of Telugu audiences due to brand name of Murugadoss.

What is it about?

Jagadeesh (Vijay) is a determined army officer who gets to know about a serial blasts operation in Mumbai. He will stop that from happening and the main head of the terrorist group (Vidyut) comes after him. In the middle of this action, there is a romantic track for Jagadeesh with Nisha (Kajal).

Vijay has done a neat job as the lead man. Despite having no image in Andhra Pradesh, people would love to see him as the lead. His sweet yet powerful performance is the reason for it. Kajal is alright as the female lead. There is nothing to rave about her. Vidyut is competent. All others are apt in their respective roles.

On the Technical Front:

Cinematography by Santosh Sivan stands out in this slick action flick. Editing is fine. The film is on the lengthier side though! Music by Harris Jairaj is a downer. Films like these don't require songs and when the music director is asked for few, he has to make sure that all the songs are worthy enough. Sadly none of the songs are pleasant. Thankfully Harris's background score is good.

Director Murugadoss has a knack of making a commercial movie with an unusual setup. He got it wrong for his previous film 7th Sense. He is good this time, but not as good as he was in Ghajini. That film was a right mix of action and romance. This time the blending is not good enough. Nevertheless, action part is so good that it almost covers up the faults. Murugadoss made a film that will increase his brand value.


Tupaki is a finely made action film with good amount of thrills. The film runs at a good pace despite the length. First half is very good with a wonderful pre interval episode. Second half also has some edge of the seat stuff. Director is visible throughout the action part.

Murugadoss should have cut the heroine's track short and it might have been good if a couple of songs were removed. However, the director's intention is to entertain the audiences amidst slick action. Comedy worked out in parts. Tupaki has some very nice moments that will impress Telugu audiences.
Vijay is yet to score a hit in Telugu and this time he has every chance to register his first success. Good music and impressive climax could have made this a better film. Last few minutes are let down as audiences expect far more better finale after all those mind games between the protagonist and antagonist. In spite of flaws, Tupaki is a decent watch.

Verdict: Worth a watch for Action lovers.