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Bhale Bhale Magadivoy - 3.5/5 - Super Magadivoy

Cast: Nani, Lavanya, Ajay, Murali Sharma and others
Directed by: Maruthi
Produced by: Bunny Vaas
Banner: GA2 Pictures, UV Creations
Music by: Gopi Sunder
Release Date: 2015-09-04

Bhale Bhale Magadivoy has been making lot of buzz ever since the first teaser was released. Maruthi who has made many successful films in his career has teamed up with talented Nani and the duo has delivered an out an out entertainer.

What is it about?

Lucky (Nani) is a very charming guy but has a problem. He cannot remember two things at a time. He will forget about the previous thing if something comes in between. He irks a gentleman (Murali Sharma) due to this problem. He falls in love with the same person's daughter Nandana (Lavanya). He has to hide his problem from Nandana and his identity from her father. Lot of fun is generated in this process.


Nani: Nani is a supremely talented actor who gets into the skin of any character he plays. He can do highly emotional roles and also could be an entertainer. His portrayal of Lucky will make you fall in love with him. This is one of the finest performances in recent times.

Lavanya and Others: Lavanya is a fine actress and she pulls off her character with ease. Murali Sharma is surprise package in this one. He is very good as protective father. Ajay is competent as the villain. Praveen as Nani's sidekick did well. Naresh, Sitara are good in the role of hero's parents.


Direction: Maruthi who is known for banking upon adult jokes and A rated humor has stayed away from that brand. This is clean film with lot of healthy comedy. He has handled the film well with some creative ideas. He had a solid script on hands and he excelled in making it into a laugh riot.

Music and Others: Gopi Sunder's music sounds fresh. His background score is very good. Cinematography is good with vibrant colors. Editing is neat. Dialogues written by Maruthi are very good. Production values are excellent.

Thumbs Up:





Thumbs Down:

Few lags in the second half

Climax could have been better


Bhale Bhale Magadivoy delivers what it has promised with its promos. Hero having memory problems have been dealt in various ways until now. Maruthi gave it an entirely new dimension and in the process the film has turned into a laugh riot. There are so many genuinely funny scenes in the movie.

Maruthi is a clever director that he has used the problem of hero to show the emotional side and impact of it on his character as well. BBM has succeeded at the script level itself. It is a solid idea that has success written all over it. Maruthi just had to make sure to put everything in place without any unnecessary drama.

First half of the film is seriously funny but second half lacks the bite. There are good moments in the second half as well but there are few lags as well. Climax is a bit cinematic. Despite the flaws and weaknesses BBM will impress with its good content and Nani's performance. This will surely set the cash registers ringing. Don't Miss it.

Verdict: Man, This Is Super Fun!