Om Namo Venkatesaya

Cinema Chupistha Maava - 2/5 - Bore Maava

Cast: Raj Tarun, Avika Gor, Rao Ramesh and others
Directed by: Trinadha Rao Nakkina
Produced by: B. Venugopal, Anji Reddy, Rup
Banner: Lucky Media
Music by: Sekhar Chandra
Release Date: 2015-08-14

Uyyala Jampala fame Raj Tarun and Avika Gor are back. They have come up with a massy entertainer this time. Rao Ramesh played the role of 'Maava' in this film directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina.

What is it about?

Katthi (Raj Tarun) is an aimless guy who fails to pass intermediate exams. He falls in love with inter topper Parineetha (Avika), daughter of a government official Somanath (Rao Ramesh) who is a very systematic individual. Somanath comes to know about his daughter's love towards Katthi and he instantly rejects. However he puts a test for Katthi and says that he will not object their marriage if he passes through it. 


Raj Tarun is good in the role of an awara. His careless body language and dialect suited him well. He is good at comedy. His energetic performance is the driving force for this film. Avika Gor is good as the female lead. Rao Ramesh is competitive as usual. There are many comedians in the supporting roles and they have done their bit in providing the entertainment.


Director Trinadha Rao Nakkina banked on a routine script with stereotype characters and clichéd situations. He has handled the entertainment part in a decent way. There is nothing much to write about other than the comedy part. Music by Sekhar Chandra is good. A couple songs are energetic. Cinematography is fine. Dialogues are an asset. Editing is alright.

Thumbs Up:

Raj Tarun Energy



Thumbs Down:

Routine Script

Illogical Treatment


Cinema Chupista Maava is a typical romantic entertainer that is targeted at the masses. A good for nothing hero and a studious heroine and her strict father is the premise that we have seen in numerous movies already. CCM wholly depends upon the fun quotient and we should admit that there are some genuinely funny moments in the film.
Despite the fun factor Cinema Chupista Maava falls short of being a lovable film due to flimsy script. There are too many holes in the script that cannot be overlooked. Director has taken lots of cinematic liberty and logic goes for a toss in many key scenes. Director and writers took things for granted as they concentrated upon the entertainment. They should have at least taken care about the logic.         

Raj Tarun's confident performance and the dialogues are the plus points for this film. It will entertain in bits and pieces if you do not look for logic and emotional depth. CCM is made with a sole target of pleasing the masses and the success of this film would depend on how well they receive it.                

Verdict: Routine Cinema Maava!