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Jaya Surya Movie Review - 3/5 - Amazing Second Half Full of Twists and Turns

Cast: Vishal, Kajal and others
Directed by: Suseenthiran
Produced by: Nageswara Reddy
Banner: SCF
Music by: Imman
Release Date: 2015-09-05

Vishal's latest film Jaya Surya is a cop drama directed by critically acclaimed director Suseenthiran. This is dubbed version of Paayum Puli that had simultaneous release in Tamil.

What is it about?

Bhavani and his gang blackmails businessmen in Guntur for a high ransom and they kill them off if they doesn't bow to their demands. Jayasurya, a sincere cop comes to Guntur and removes most of the gang members through his undercover operation. He falls in love with Sowmya (Kajal). His brother (Samuthirakani) has aspirations to become a politician. Jayasurya faces tough challenge of finding the real criminal behind Bhavani's gang. Can he succeed in his mission?


Vishal is apt in the sincere cop character. He has underplayed in many scenes. We have seen many cop characters that are very loud. Vishal as Jayasurya is calm and composed. This is one of his better performances. Kajal Agarwal is cute. She sizzled in the songs. Samuthirakani is brilliant in a very important role. Soori the sidekick of Vishal fails to impress Telugu audience as his comedy has lots of Tamil flavor. Murali Sharma's performance is neat. A better actor should have done Vishal's father role, which is a very important one.


Suseenthiran's direction is good especially in the second hour. This film lacked the fizz we expect out of his films. Despite not being at his best Suseenthiran has provided some memorable moments in this film. There are few scenes that bear his mark. Songs are very bad but Imman has provided great background score. Cinematography is very good. Editing is topnotch. Jayasurya is technically sound with good production values

Thumbs Up:

Second Half


Thumbs Down:

First Half



Jaya Surya starts off on an interesting note with a group of thugs involving in serial killings. However the film slips off after a promising start with a romantic track that neither has freshness nor feel good factor. This track has been dragged for so long without concentrating upon the main plot.

Director intended to hide the identity of the villain until interval block. Although the interval episode has come out so well, director's excuse for passing time with silly comedy and dumb romance is unpardonable. People don't expect such a lame product from the director of Suseenthiran's caliber.

Director nearly made it up with an amazing second half that is full of twists and turns. Arresting screenplay in the second half makes you wonder what this director was doing until the interval point. Suseenthiran may have tried to please the mass fans of Vishal with those masala elements but that attempt has backfired big time. Stunning climax and engaging second half proves to be the plus points of this film. You may give it a try if you could excuse the lackluster first half.

Verdict: Stunning Cop Drama with Starting Trouble.