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Yandamuri Veerendranath Shocking Comments on Chiranjeevi

Veteran Telugu Writer Yandamuri Veerendranath while speaking in an interview defined victory as smiling today and having confidence to keep on smiling tomorrow. He commented that all his films which starred Chiranjeevi were not super hits. He said he didn't want to do Chiranjeevi's Stuvartpuram Police Station. He also said that what Ramyakrihna told to media as she dubbed for the first time in Bahubali is wrong but she already dubbed in his film earlier. Yandamuri made a shocking comment on Chinranjeevi that he never gives proper importance to the writers. He said that he suggested not to get into politics at that time. "I saw Pavan Kalyan only twice", says Yandamuri. According to him todays movies are story less and content less.