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Run Movie Review - 2/5 - Misfired ( Bad Luck )

Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Anisha, Bobby Simha, Brahmaji and Others
Directed by: Ani Kanneganti
Produced by: Kishore, Sudhakar and Ajay
Banner: AK Entertainments
Music by: Sai Karthik
Release Date: 2016-03-23

Run is a remake of Tamil-Malayalam bilingual Neram which was appreciated by niche audience and critics. Run is a faithful remake of the original that is almost a frame to frame presentation of the original. Run has few positives such as its short run time and interesting second half. But the film also has its share of negatives like leisure passing and too many uninteresting passages in between the thrilling ride.

What is it about?

Sanju (Sundeep) life goes topsy-turvy as he loses his job. He takes loan from a dreaded loan shark named Vaddi Raju (Bobby Simha). He is very notorious and has his own style of getting back his money. Finally the day arrives where Sanju has to return the money he took from Raju. While Sanju's friend helps him to get the amount, a thief nabs the money from Sanju and run away. Sanju has to find a way to repay the loan by 5 PM. Meanwhile his girlfriend (Anisha) is kidnapped by Raju for another reason.


Sundeep Kishan is good as the common man who is caught in a situation. His subtle body language and dialog delivery suited the character. Anisha is pretty. Bobby Simha is a revelation. He is too good as the villain. Brahmaji as a comedy cop is decent. Praveen, Madhu and Posani were fine in their supporting characters. Mahat is alright as a careless guy.


Sai Karthik's musical score is mediocre. Dialogues are good. Cinematography is fairly decent and editing is crisp. Director Ani Kanneganti is religiously faithful to the original. He didn't even make an attempt to alter anything from Neram. He did an okay job in holding the film well. Production values are neat.

Thumbs Up:

Run time


Bobby Simha

Thumbs Down:

First Half

Slow pace


Run has a very short run time of 109 minutes, but it surprisingly runs at a leisure pace. Films having such little run time are supposed to gripping and moving at a breakneck pace. However Run takes its own sweet time to unfold and there are many passages in the film that are totally uninteresting and out of place.
Movie gets interesting when two thieves rob the hero and heroine in two different places. It loses steam due to the uneven characterization of the villain. The attempts at comedy were misfired due to bad casting. Run only gets back on track when a surprising twist comes just before the climax.

Run is a film that will appeal to audience who look for freshness, but it has its shortcomings. It could have been a good film if there were better comedic moments and thrilling elements thrown into the narrative. The attempt can be lauded but not the end product. You may watch it if you are game for something different from the usual.

Verdict: Runs at a Snail's pace.