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Bahubali - Baahubali Movie Review - 2.5/5 - Brilliance in Bits & Parts!

Cast: Prabhas,Rana,Anushka Shetty,Tamanna and others
Directed by : SS Rajamouli
Produced by : Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni
Banner :Arka Media Works
Music : M M Keeravani
Release Date : Jul 10 2015 12:00 AM


The plot of 'Baahubali - The Beginning' is Shivudu (Prabhas) finding his real identity (Mahendra Baahubali). In the first part, All we get to see is Shivudu's determination to climb atop a waterfall, Meeting his soulmate Avantika, Saving his mother Devasena from the clutches of Bhallaladeva and the war collectively fought by Amarendra Baahubali & Bhallaladeva.  


Prabhas: A Star Hero dedicating over 2 years of his life for a single film is something very rare to happen. He has put in his heart & soul into the project, which is quite evident while watching the movie. Showcased the variations in the Characters of Sivudu and Baahubali exceptionally well.

Rana Daggubati is a revelation in this movie. He is powerful and menacing as Bhallaladeva. No matter how many films he does in his entire career, 'Baahubali' will always be his favourite as it gave him scope to unleash his full potential.

Tamanna as Avantika looks nothing short of an angel, particularly the manner in which transformation from de-glamorised to glamorous was shown in a romantic sequence is appreciable. Anushka aka Devasena is hard to digest for those who admire her beauty. She shines in a scenes with Satya Raj in the First Half, reminds use of 'Arundathi' sequence here.

Ramya Krishna is powerful in a role signifying 'Epitome-of-Justice'. After Nilambari, Its Sivagami for this Yesteryear Actress. Nassar as Bijjaladeva is venemous. Satya Raj as Kattappa, the slave warrior, contributes majorly during the hero elevation scenes. Prabhakar as ruthless Kalakeya is deadly. Sudeep as Aslaam Khan is perfect. Rest of the cast is equally good in their respective roles.

Plus Points:

- Male Leads & Supporting Cast

- Technical Brilliance

- War-Field Sequence

Minus Points:

- Songs

- Illogical Scenes

- Few CG Shots are below par

- Lethargic Pace


The long wait is over! 'Baahubali', an epic action drama directed by SS Rajamouli with ensemble cast & great technicians, released Today in 4,000-plus screens Worldwide. Has the movie which was publicized as India's Biggest Motion Picture reached the humongous expectations?

When you talk about 'Baahubali', The first thing to come in mind is its Technical Brilliance. All the songs of MM Keeravani are integral part of the story and the pulsating Background Score deserves a special mention. Senthil Kumar offers visual feast with his marvelous Camera Work. Lavish Sets designed by Sabu Cyril are one of its kind. War Sequence choreographed by Peter Heins keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Dialogues were written as per the demand of the character. Costumes & Styling by Rama Rajamouli are awesome. 'Baahubali' signifies the rise of India in Visual Effects on par with Hollywood, but few of the CG shots aren't up to the standards. Production Values are exceptional to say the least.

First things first, 'Baahubali' have great visuals and sub-standard content. The filmmaker took lot of time to establish the main characters, narration is sluggish, logic has been missing in few sequences and audience will have a bizarre feeling while stepping out of theaters as climax appears like an interval/2nd interval. 'Baahubali' is a visual spectacle and there is no doubt about it, but its the content which drives the film towards success. For the first time ever, Rajamouli has delivered an average film and the emotional connect is missing here. Tamanna's introduction as Avantika, Kattappa's characterization as slave warrior who is projected as loyal to King Bhallaladeva and at the same time willing to free slave Devasena against the order of the majesty and Item Song featuring Baahubali who is potential royal heir of Mahishmathi is the areas where logic took a backseat. Of course, Rajamouli succeeded handling the war sequence to a great extent, especially the manner in which he showcased the difference between Baahubali and Bhallaladeva is praise worthy.

Is Baahubali a Classic or Masterpiece? Actually, Neither of them! Is it India's Answer To Hollywood? To Some Extent! Go with less expectations, you willn't be disappointed and it's certainly watchable once for the great efforts put into the making.

Box Office: Irrespective of the word-of-mouth, 'Baahubali' will shatter all the records of TFI including First-Day/Weekend/Week. It already obtained $1 million in USA through Thursday premieres alone and Day 1 AP/Nizam share could be over Rs 15 crore. Revenues in Bengaluru will be on par with Hyderabad and around 125 screens have been allotted in Kerala. Dharma Productions helped a regional project receive wide release in North Indian circuits but the word-of-mouth could hamper the chances of becoming highest grossing dubbed flick ever. All in all, 'Baahubali' is a money machine and it sets the bar so high that people couldn't even dare to compare its Openings with other films at least few years.

Verdict: Brilliance in Bits & Parts!