Om Namo Venkatesaya

AP paying price for TDP-BJP alliance!

In general political terms, everyone feels that the states with the same ruling party as in center and the states ruled by the allies of the center government, will get benefited extensively in getting funds. The first case may be correct with the BJP government at the center but not the second case.

A fine example for this is the recent drought assistance given by the center so far. Andhra Pradesh is the state which got the least central assistance. While the state asked for around 2000 Crore, just got 434.77 Crore. BJP ruled Maharashtra got the highest. It asked for 4000 Crore and got around 3000 Crore.

Interestingly, Congress ruled Karnataka asked for 3000 Crore and got 1275 Crore. Uttar Pradesh government which is not going well with the center also got 1304.52 Crore. This indicates that AP is not at all getting benefited for supporting BJP at the center. In fact, is being looked down by the central government.