Om Namo Venkatesaya

A big zero for Vijay in TN

Actor turned politician Vijay Kanth who is the founder of DMDK party in Tamil Nadu has lost in the recently concluded elections. He has got third place in the contested Ulundurpettai constitution after the AIADMK and DMK.

DMDK party just secured 2.4 percent of votes across the state which in other words meant it was a total wash out for the Vijay Kanth’s party. Now, more discouraging news is that DMDK is in danger to lose state party recognition because of the vote share they got. In order to get the Election Commission’s recognition as a State Party, a party must secure a minimum of six percent of all votes polled.

In 2011, the DMDK won 29 seats when it aligned with the AIADMK. This time, DMDK decided to contest on its own and it turned out to be fatal for them.