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Movie Review: Bhale Manchi Roju - 3/5 - Clever Script

Bhale Manchi Roju made an impression with interesting promos and made us believe that it is worth buying a ticket. Did Sriram Aditya who made debut with this film as the director live up to the expectations? Is the movie enjoyable?  

What is it about?

Ram (Sudheer) who is cheated by his girlfriend decides to teach her a lesson. On his way he meets with an accident that disrupts the kidnap plans of a local rowdy (Sai Kumar). He kidnaps a millionaire's daughter Seetha (Waqima) for a ransom and she runs away from the accident spot. The kidnapper keeps Ram's friend with him and gives him few hours of time to get back Seetha. Now Ram has to find Seeta, kidnap her and bring back to the kidnapper. But things don't go as planned as it gets too complicated with so many others looking to kidnap Seeta.  


Sudheer Babu is good in the lead role. He is going the right way by choosing interesting scripts. Waqima didn't have much scope but she is alright within her limitations. There are numerous characters in the film and everyone had a scope to shine. All the supporting cast has chipped in with fine performances. Sai Kumar, Chaitanya Krishna, Dhanya, Posani, Venu, Praveen have added value to the movie. Prudhvi has once again given a splendid final touch to the film. His performance as Mallepushpam will be remembered for long.


New director Sriram Aditya has talent and is the director to watch out for. His plot is simple but he made it interesting by throwing in very good twists. Screenplay is pretty interesting and keeps you engaged till the end.

Sunny's background score is superb. There are few good songs too. Editing is very good. Cinematography and production design are topnotch. Producers believed in the new director and supported him with rich production values.

Thumbs Up:


Background Score


Thumbs Down:

Few misplaced songs

Too much confusion in the middle


Bhale Manchi Roju has set right expectations starting from its promotional campaign. This is not a film for the aam junta. It is a clever script with a typical brand of humor. Sriram Aditya made sure to come up with an interesting script for his first film. We can expect where the movie is heading but will be surprised by the intelligent twists and turns.

This movie takes its time to gain speed and it does hit few potholes even after hitting the top gear. Director's attempt to make it even crazier by adding quirky characters worked well for most of the time but it seemed he is trying too hard at times. There are far too many flashbacks in the film as the real plot runs in the span of a day. This may confuse the audience if they don't pay keen attention.

Songs come as speed breakers. They could have easily cut down a couple of songs in the second half. This film does suffer from teething problems in the first half. There are minor hiccups in the second half too. Sriram picked up well to end it on a high note by writing an intelligent and entertaining climax portions. Bhale Manchi Roju will entertain the crime comedy genre lovers for sure. It has potential to do well in A centers.

Verdict: Indeed A Good Day At the Cinemas.