Om Namo Venkatesaya

FBI Unlocks iPhone, Without Apple's Help!

After 3 months of huge debate and legal conflicts between FBI and Apple company itself, Justice department suggests to lift the demands of law enforcement on Apple as they bypassed a way to unlock iPhone used by a terrorost in San Bernardino shooting in California which killed 14 people. 

Apple refused to unlock or reveal to the procedure to unlock an Apple iPhone for extracting important clues to find a break-through from the smart iPhone 5C of IOS9 used by Syed Rizwan Farook during the shootings. Apple stood against FBI and US government's demands to unlock it, as it compromises the security and privacy of millions of Apple iPhone users and they did not want to take chances putting their customers privacy at stake. 

The recent development says that Law enforcement is able to force unlock the iPhone without any help from Apple and it is heard that a third party company helped FBI in getting through it. Though Apple is asking FBI to disclose the technique of unlocking an iPhone to assess if it is their weak spot to patch, the government may want to keep it classified. 

Now that someone out there is able to unlock highly secured Apple iPhone, the technology giant needs to build more find more powerful walls to keep their device fool proof for customers' privacy and security.