Om Namo Venkatesaya

TDP Turns 34, Party's Values At Stake

On this day in 1982, legendary actor late Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao founded the Telugu Desam Party with the motto of upholding Telugu pride and self respect. NTR later created history with a sensational victory by uprooting the Congress within 9 months.

This morning, TDP president Nara Chandrababu Naidu hoisted the party flag at NTR Bhavan and later paid homage to NTR at NTR Ghat. Extending his 34th anniversary greetings, Babu appealed to his cadre to strive for realizing NTR's dreams and upholding the party's values.

However, it is these very values of the yellow army that are at stake in the current political scenario. The values with which the late NTR founded the party are slowly evaporating now, thanks to the lackluster efforts, scandals and corruption by Telugu thammullu.

Events like the recent Operation Akarsh, the cash for vote scandal, crores of scam in the sand gate by Telugu thammullu and not much development in the state even after two years of its governance etc have lessened people's trust on the TDP to a great extent.

Since the beginning, the TDP used to maintain a huge difference from other political parties, but with its values sidelining with each passing day, the TDP is losing all its shine and the line between the TDP and other parties is narrowing.

With just 3 years left for the next elections, the TDP has a herculean task to regain the diminishing people's trust. It's high time for the TDP to wake up and get back to its previous glory.