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Anant Ambani: How he lost 108 kg in 18 months

Can you think of someone losing 108 kgs and turn from a huge dump of flesh and fat to a lean, lanky attractive guy? Impossible, you would say. But think again! Anant Ambani, son of legendary Mukesh and Nita Ambani, has shown it's possible to lose loads and loads of fat and look lean and thin.
Yes. Anant, a regular at the IPL with his heavy weight presence, lost 108 kgs and looked completely transformed the other day. Anant, who had asthma related complications as a child and whose medication's major side effect was the humungous weight, had worked constantly for 18 months. 

He had walked 21 KM everyday for 18 months, did yoga, weight training, functional training and cardio exercises and stuck to a zero-carbohydrate diet. All these have burnt the fat and he looks fighting fit. What is important is that he did not go under the knife nor underwent liposuction procedure. He reduced the weight the natural way. 
And know who is most pleased by Anant's transformation? Of course, it is his mother Nita. His conquering of obesity through natural means is likely to become a stuff of legends. His mother says he decided that he would become fit by his 21st birthday.

Anant is now studying in the Brown University of the US and is a lover of animals and wild life. Now, he can chase a rabbit. Kudos Anant! You are an inspiration boy!!