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KCR and Ramoji Rao breakup?

After attaining Telangana and forming government in the new state, Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao went all the way to Ramoji film city and entered in to truce with the media baron, Ramoji Rao. Since then the Telangana version of Eenadu seem to be tilting towards the TRS government. However things seem to have fall out between KCR and Ramoji Rao yet again.

The other day Eenadu published a Front Page report of how Hyderabad is facing a huge water crisis and how the government is doing very little to solve the crisis. However this report just before the GHMC elections did not go with the Telangana Chief Minister.

Namasthe Telangana, the TRS owned Newspaper, bashed Eenadu big time over the report. The bashing is near to that of what it did during the Telangana agitation times. Namasthe Telangana while admitting there is a crisis of drinking water in Hyderabad, criticized Eenadu of not showing how previous governments have failed in solving the problem. Namasthe Telangana opined that Ramoji Rao is showcasing it as government failure ahead of GHMC elections