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Kamal Haasan Cheekati Rajyam Movie Review - 2.75/5 - Sit Tightly Till the end

After a long gap, Legend Kamal Haasan was come up with a straight telugu thriller Cheekati Rajyam, which was adopted from the French thriller, ‘sleepless night’. Kamal Haasan Cheekati Rajyam Tamil Version Thoonga Vanam which released as Diwali bonanza had got rave reviews followed by an incredible positive talk all over.

Cheekati Rajyam interesting trailer and the rave reviews had roused the expectations to a new level. Let’s get into Cheekati Rajyam Telugu Movie Review, “Whether Kamal Haasan’s Cheekati Rajyam would strike gold at box office by meeting the expectations or not?”

Cheekati Rajyam was the series of incidents happened at a pub in one single night. Diwakar(Kamal Haasan) was an NCB(Narcotics Control Bureau) Officer, who seized the cocaine of Vittala Rao(Prakash Raj), a well known drug dealer.

To get his seized cocaine, Vittala Rao kidnapped the son of Diwakar and set a deal with him. Diwakar who reached Vittala Rao’s pub(Insomnia) to get his son with seized cocaine bag, had lost it. Did Diwakar found the lost cocaine bag? How did he rescued his son(Vasu)? was the main plot of Cheekati Rajyam.

Legend Kamal Haasan, who had adopted Cheekati Rajyam from the French movie Sleepless Night was weaved the plot brilliantly. Kamal Haasan’s screenplay for Cheekati Rajyam was tight and crispy, which resulted audience to sit on the edges of their  seats.

Kamal Haasan’s gripping screenplay followed by the brilliance of technical department made Cheekati Rajyam look more interesting and thrilling. Especially, Ghibran Background score followed by the DOP work and stunt choreography took the movie to a next level.

In Cheekati Rajyam, the fight between Kamal Haasan and Trisha was pretty good. Trisha performed at her best in an action scene with Universal Star Kamal Haasan. Later, Abburi Ravi dialogues were one of the main assets of Cheekati Rajyam. Because it was not so easy to write for a thriller,  as per the mood of the film, which would convey in short dialogues.

Abburi Ravi done brilliant job by giving short and sharp dialogues with the needed comedy punches. He amazingly conveyed the emotions of characters in a thriller with a short dialogues, which was easily understood by the audience.

Kamal Haasan’s Cheekati Rajyam was technically brilliant with good production values.

Later, when come to performances, all the star cast had done their best. In Cheekati Rajyam, only characters would appear , that would make you sit tightly, till the end.

Legend Kamal Haasan as usual live in the character and enhanced it, wonderfully. Truly, it seemed funny to analyze the performance of Kamal haasan, who was an encyclopedia. There was nothing to say about his performance, because he was always An Awesome and Enigmatic performer.

Later, Trisha who was appeared in a total new avatar as NCB Officer has stunned with her beautiful performance. In Cheekati Rajyam, only Trisha’s role was appeared than anything. That much, awesome work has done by her. Especially, her expressions and attitude during the fight scene with Kamal Haasan was scored full marks.

Definitely, in Cheekati Rajyam, Kamal Haasan and Trisha’s fight would spoke for a good time. After Trisha and Kamal Haasan, the remaining roles including Prakash Raj, Sampath done their best.

Last, but not the least, short and sweet role of Madhushalini got pretty good recognition. Despite her role was short, Madhushalini’s role had a pretty good part in Cheekati Rajyam.

Like technical, Cheekati Rajyam was awesome in performances. In Cheekati Rajyam, only characters will appear, other than Kamal Haasan, Trisha, Prakash Raj etc.

Positive Points:
Racy and Gripping screenplay.
Performances of all the star cast. Their brilliant performance depicted their roles other than their Stardom.
Kamal Haasan, Trisha,Prakash Raj, Sampath, Madhushalini and every character in Cheekati Rajyam, despite small roles also made their mark.
Kamal Haasan and Trisha fight sequence
Ghibran background music
Stunt choreography didn’t dominate the mood of the film.

Negative Points:
A little comedy
Despite little comedy, Cheekati Rajyam would make audience to sit tightly till the end , with its gripping and interesting plot.

Kamal Haasan’s Cheekati Rajyam was a Racy and Gripping Thriller. Cheekati Rajyam would make you sit tightly, till the end.