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REBEL Movie Review - Disappoints! (Rating: 2.5/5)

Movie : REBEL
Rating: 2.5/5
Cast : Prabhas, Tamanna, Krishnam Raju, Deeksha Seth, Brahmanandam, Mukesh Rushi and others
Directed by : Lawrence
Produced by : Pulla Rao, Bhagavan
Banner : Balaji Cine Media
Music : Lawrence
The most expected movie of this month, Rebel is out in theaters now. Prabhas who has delivered back to back hits with Darling and Mr. Perfect is eyeing a hat-trick with this film. Director Lawrence is in superb form on the other hand. Unsurprisingly the film got tremendous business craze all over. Did it live up to the expectations?

What is it about?

Rishi (Prabhas) avenges the death of his father and mother (Krishnam Raju and Prabha) and goes in search of the killer. How he gets hold of him and how does he take revenge forms the crux of this story.


Prabhas has done a terrific job as the leading man. His macho looks and stunning performance stands out in this movie. He has shouldered the movie throughout despite all the cliches and weak links. He made this film watchable in every frame he was on screen. His fights are extremely believable and he danced well. Only problem is with his dialog delivery. He should have rectified it by now.

Tamanna plays the seductress and Deeksha Seth plays a sober role. Tamanna sizzled as the glam doll, but her performance isn't up to the mark. Deeksha too failed to impress. Krishnam Raju is alright. His role should have been restricted from doing action sequences. Brahmanandam, Ali tried to infuse some comedy.

On the Technical Front:

Swamy has written dialogs for this film. Frankly speaking he has done a very average job. Music by Lawrence was one of the biggest minuses of this film. Not even one song is good on ears. Only visuals are good to certain extent. Tamanna and Prabhas dances are a treat to watch. Cinematography is fine. Editing could have been better.

Lawrence has once again written a simple storyline and tried to present it in his own way. Looks like Lawrence is trying to make an impression of having a signature style in making a movie. There are many similarities between this film and his previous movies. Lawrence's style suits Tamil audiences pretty well and not every Telugu audience will vote positively for this film.


Rebel starts off in an uninteresting manner and it bores you in the first hour. No story is told in the first half and hero is shown in a passive mode. He waits for the right time to arrive to take revenge upon his enemies. Interval point is where the hero and villain threads meet.

The graph touched peaks during the interval episode and the tempo has been maintained for a while. After that the graph falls down as an unending kill fest starts off. Second half is filled with excessive bloodshed and gore. There is absolutely no comedy in the second half. Ali's comedy bit was pale and didn't click.

There are few good moments here and there, but on a whole Rebel is a replica of Lawrence's previous works. It is very long that we can't sit through it for those good moments. Masses may like the action part [done well] and Prabhas fans will like the actor's performance. Openings will be good. Only thing that has to be seen is whether it will be lapped up by the mass audiences or not.

Verdict: Rebel disappoints!