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Modi Caught Snoozing In Parliament?

PM Narendra Modi's prompt presence in the parliament surprised the common man, as till the day before he was busy building and reviving relationships between, India-Singapore and India-Malaysia. He on the first day of Parliament also coined a new day for India called "Constitution day". He lectured the nation about it and shared his pride in celebrating it.

However, Minutes after his speech the Lok sabha live relay cameras caught him in a way which the media described as 'napping'. Ever since national media published photographs of Modi reportedly 'sleeping', the PM once again turned to be the hot topic of the day. The pictures of him napping went viral and the social media, especially his detractors on social media were unforgiving. Minutes after the pictures were out, a new hashtag #PMJetLag started off.

There were enough trolls on the man for being struck with Jet Lag and snoozing away during the Parliament session. When a few asked if the sessions were too boring for Modi ji, few said Modi was conserving his energy for his next trip or public meet. Few more even quipped that Modi wouldn't have been aware of the cameras presence. On the other hand, Modi's supporters defend the PM saying that the PM was only looking down and wasn't sleeping at all and that media made a huge issue out of nothing.