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Is That The Reason Behind Sarika's Death?

The mysterious death of Ex Warangal MP Siricilla Rajaiah's daughter-in-law Sarika and her three sons has devastated the hearts of many in the Telugu states. Sarika was burnt to death along with her children due to the gas leak from the domestic cylinders in her bedroom. This naturally led to several doubts and cops are investigating the case in several angles. 

It is well known that Sarika had been on a long tussle with her husband and in-laws following her husband deserting her and marrying another woman named Sana. The victim even wrote to several senior leaders in the Congress party against Rajaiah' ill treatment towards her and her children. Even in the evening before the fateful night, there was apparently a huge argument between Sarika and Rajaiah over the house in which Sarika was residing.

Apparently, this house was owned by Rajaiah and it is his lucky building. Rajaiah was on the verge of getting the party's ticket to contest for the Warangal by-elections and he planned to use Sarika's house to carry out the party related activities and even to lodge the cadres. This led to a huge fight between Sarika and Rajaiah a day ago, which ended with the mysterious death of Sarika and the kids.

Police are investigating in the angle whether Sarika committed suicide in a fit of rage after being hurt with her father-in-law asking her to vacate the house or if there was a plot by someone to get Sarika killed.