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When NTR Questioned Him About Kamma Sangham

Former TDP minister in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh state Thummala Nageswara Rao is one of the trusted aides of legendary film star and TDP Founder President late NT Ramarao. Impressed by Thummala's abilities and sincerity, NTR made him a minister in his cabinet. Thummala later worked closely with Chandrababu Naidu until the state's bifurcation in 2014, after which he joined TRS and is currently serving as the R & B Minister in the KCR government.

In his latest interview to a popular news channel, Thummala revealed several unknown facts and facets of NT Ramarao. A staunch Kamma, Thummala said that he attended the inauguration ceremony of the present Ameerpet Kamma Sangham in Hyderabad. Apparently, no TDP leader attended the event as a party's principle to avoid community related events. 

Thummala's gesture didn't go down well with NTR, who, immediately called Thummala and asked him about his attendance at the community event. Thummala told NTR that he is a proud Kamma and that it is only because of his community that he had been a successful person and earned fame in politics. Impressed by Thummala's honest revelations, NTR lauded him with a hug, revealed by Thummala himself. The minister, on being asked to compare Chandrababu and KCR, said that NTR is a godly man and that he cannot be compared with anyone.