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KCR Shocked with His Following in AP

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who attended the foundation laying ceremony of AP Capital Amaravati, apparently stunned to see fan following for him in the successor state. During his visit to Amaravati, KCR was received well by the people of AP. Whenever KCR's name propped up, they welcomed him with thumping response much to the shock of KCR. 

As per inside sources, KCR has shared the same to his fellow ministers in Warangal recently. He reportedly moved by public response which he didn't even expect. It's buzzed that KCR is now positive on AP and is having a slight change of mind on people of AP.

In addition to this, KCR's counterpart and AP CM Chandrababu Naidu too received KCR well. In fact, Mr Naidu has insisted the officials to inscribe KCR's name in the chief guest list of historic foundation stone. Both KCR and Rosaiah's names were inscribed on foundation stone. All these said to have moved KCR and said to have changed his perception on Andhra, Rayalaseema people.

Meanwhile, we hear that, before going to Amaravati KCR had a series of meetings whether to make it to the event or not. After decided to attend, his team told him to be very conscious in uttering every word during his speech there. Hence KCR didn't speak much. But he certainly seems to have stunned with the great public response.