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Denikaina Movie Review - 3/5 Rating


Rating: 3/5
Cast : Manchu Vishnu, Hansika, Brahmanandam, MS Narayana, Suman, Vennela Kishore and others
Directed by : G Nageswara Reddy
Produced by : Mohanbabu
Banner : 24 Frames Factory
Music : Chakri, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Release Date : 2012-10-24

Mohanbabu's elder son Manchu Vishnu is yet to taste another success after Dhee, which was released four years ago. After trying his hand at mass and action films he is back to comedy with Denikaina Ready. He is expecting nothing short of Dhee with this movie. Does Denikaina Ready have enough fire power to rule the box office? Check the details.

What is it about?

Suleiman (Vishnu) comes to Narasimha Rayudu's (Prabhu) house to unite their families that have been separated as his mother married a Muslim. Suleiman comes in the disguise of Krishna Sastry and operates his mission and how he succeeds is the main plot of this film.


Vishnu is apt in his role. He is at ease in comedic scenes. He has improved a lot on the histrionics side. Vishnu also did some special dance moves and excelled in the combination scenes of Brahmanandam. He should better concentrate on these type of movies where he doesn't need to shoulder the film all by himself. Hansika is overweight. She should seriously consider losing few kilos or else she will have to face the ire of audiences.

Brahmanandam is one of the main pillars of this film. He has excelled in this role and entertains to the core. MS Narayana compliments him well and so does the other comedians and support cast. Suman, Seetha and other senior actors added the emotional value to this entertainer. All in all Denikaina Ready is a decent film on the performances front.

On the Technical Front:

Dialogues are hilarious at times. Marudhuri Raja has a knack of cracking a joke all of a sudden and you can't control your laughter to his wise cracks. Story is alright and screenplay is neat. Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan treated this film in Srinu Vytla's format and that has made this movie special. Music has been composed by Chakri and Yuvan Shankar Raja. Songs are fine. Background score is okay. Cinematography is rich and editing is slick. There are no compromises on producer's side. Director Nageswara Reddy made films like 6 Teens, Girlfriend, Seema Sastry etc in the past. He knows the pulse of audiences and is good at comedy. His experience has come in handy for this movie.


Denikaina Ready doesn't have a great story to boast off. But the screenplay is racy and the characters are etched well. Good amount of work is put on developing the script and that is evident in many scenes. Despite few glitches here and there, Denikaina Ready entertains most of the time.

There are not many expectations on this movie and that should help Denikaina Ready to score extra points. This is easily the best work of Manchu Vishnu since Dhee. The only aim of this film is to entertain right from the start to end. The writers and director have succeeded in making it work.

Denikaina Ready is the right movie during this festive season. Families can go and enjoy the comedy ride. Good publicity can boost up the film to grab the attention of public. There are no entertainers currently in the market and hence Denikaina Ready has an edge if one looks for comedy and only comedy. Despite few lows in the screenplay it is an alright comedy entertainer with good amount of action. Word of mouth should help the movie to go to the next level. As of now the openings are just okay.

Verdict: Denikaina Ready is Entertaining.