Om Namo Venkatesaya

Inkokkadu Review - 2/5 - Wait for Home Edition

What is the film about?

Akhil’s (Vikram) search for Love (Vikram) to thwart his plans of mass destruction and also have personal revenge in the process. 

How is Vikram’s performance? 

Vikram is terrific as usual. Once again he chooses a role to showcase his versatility and does a great job with it. Both as hero Akhil and villain Love, he is simply superb. His presence and performance are what one makes sit through the film with patience.

Direction By Anand Shankar?

Director Anand Shankar graduates to big scale action movie after a low-key thriller debut. He has the best actor at disposal in the form of Vikram. These two elements in hindsight look like the biggest pitfalls along with the additional mistake he has taken from his peers in direction. First of all the director clearly seems to have taken cue from AR Murugadoss, whom he has assisted. The “speed” element of the story and its mumbo jumbo explanations are right down his alley. It would have all been had it been used in a way to add tension to the plot. Instead, whenever the “speed” is introduced into the narrative it feels predictable and diffuses all the tension. More than a narrative device to take the story forward or engage it looks like a copout in screenplay terms to get things moving forcefully when its at a deadlock. First half of the film is still fine as there are other elements of surprise in the narrative in the form of characters of Nayantara and Nithya Menen along with the introduction of Love (Vikram). Little bit of thrill and engagement is surely felt. The second half, unfortunately, is a complete letdown what with the entire focus shifted to Love (Vikram). In order to elevate him rest of the characters are weakened which is where the film falls flat. By the time we reach the end all interest is lost.

Nayanthara, Nithya Menen and others? 

Nayantara is good in the small role given to her. Her glamorous side as well as, performance side is used well in the film. Nithya Menen has a good lengthy role but it lacks the solid impact that other heroine has. Thambi Ramayya is decent in a role written for comic relief. Nassar is wasted and so are other artists who make no impression

Music and other departments? 

Music by Harris Jayaraj is decent with two songs being good musically. The background score is far better and is the lifeline of the movie. It literally keeps the audience awake. Cinematography is excellent. Editing should have even better. Dialogues are okay

Pre interval and interval 
Music and bgm 

Weak story 
Predictable screenplay 
No thrills