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All Political Parties Are Caste Parties: Ali

One of the most senior and highly popular comedians in Tollywood, Ali, made a few striking comments on the present political parties in the Telugu states. This afternoon, Ali participated at an event in Nuzivdu in Krishna district and he was asked by the media personnel if he would ever get into politics.

To this, Ali replied in his trademark sarcastic style and said, "where are the political parties now? Political parties in old days were genuine, all we have now are parties that are divided by caste." Ali further said that he has been doing social service even by being an actor and that he would not need join politics to carry out his social service. 

Ali also said that any person will reach greater heights in his or her career by working hard in their professions and that he himself is a true example for that. Ali also recollected his father's advice - "do not distance yourself from anybody in the society."