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Just Miss! 'Boss Boss Mega Boss'

Anam Vivekananda Reddy, the name itself brings many laughs due to the politician's exhibition of variety of shades and film stunts in public. This colorful Congress leader has an obsession of becoming a film actor. He has a habit of watching a film everyday since childhood and follows the same fashion in real life.

Anam previously disclosed that, his colleague and film actor Chiranjeevi had asked him to play a guest role in the megastar's 150th film for which he had given his nod. Unfortunately, the project has been delayed for long time and there is no clarity when actually this goes on floors.

Meanwhile, a businessman hailing from Nellore has planned a film with Anam. Ajmal Ameer of Rangam fame was roped into play leading role, while Anam was offered a judge role. Anam is given 1 hour screen time. They even planned to shoot couple of songs on Viveka and thought of bringing top singers like SP Balu and KJ Yesudasu to sing the songs. 'Boss Boss Mega Boss' and Naa Desam Naa Desam were the songs planned to be shot on Viveka.

A court set was erected at VR BED College and Kshamapana was finalized as title for the film. After releasing the posters, the producer placed massive cutouts in Nellore city on Anam's birthday eve to make the political leader happier. Huge buzz was created on the film. When everyone thought the film will start rolling in one or two days time. There emerged a problem that made Anam to go back on his decision and also to cancel the film.

Anam's antis started negative publicity for the film. They made numerous and humorous remarks on the title. 'They said Anam kept the title as to convey his apologizes (kshamapana) for not assisting people in his constituency. He was made fun in social sites too. 

When Viveka got to know all these, he thought his image will be damaged if acted in films and decided not to act in the film. The producer who already spent big sum was in shock with the gesture.