Om Namo Venkatesaya

'I Will Buy Naidu's Assets For 45 Lakhs'

While the Nara family has been receiving accolades for disclosing their assets recently, the YSRCP Chief Spokesperson Ambati Rambabu mocked the faulty assets openly disclosed by Nara Lokesh. Mocking the assets disclosure, Ambati said that even the members of both Nara and Nandamuri families are not believing the numbers made public by Lokesh.

In a media meet this morning, Ambati poised a direct question to the Nara family asking them if 5 actress of land is valued just 71 lakhs anywhere in Hyderabad city. Ambati also said that Lokesh and his wife Brahmani own 10 acres of land near Hi-tech City, which they valued at 1.5 crores.

"When disclosing assets, they should furnish market rates not the government value," said Ambati, adding that even the stamp duty would be more than 1.5 crore. "Not even the TDP cadres will believe these ridiculous numbers disclosed by Lokesh," mocked Ambati.

Ambati also said that he's ready to purchase Chandrababu's assets for 45 lakhs and asked if Chandrababu is ready to sell them to him. Ambati also questioned Lokesh's statement by saying, "how can anyone earn crores of rupees by selling milk and vegetables?"

Demanding a high-level inquiry by a retired judge, Ambati said that Chandrababu amassed thousands of crores of illegal assets by joining hands with the Singapore government.