Om Namo Venkatesaya

Insulting People in the Name of Insulting Naidu

Andhra Pradesh is left stranded with almost nothing after the state division. The state government is struggling to make its both ends meet. People of Andhra Pradesh have imposed faith on Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu to steer the state out of the struggle. Naidu is battling various issues and trying his level best.

But then opposition and opposition driven Media houses and people supporting the parties on caste and other political reasons, seem to be not happy. They are trying their level best to pull the state backward. Using terms like ‘Bramaravathi’ for Amaravathi is not an insult to Chandrababu and TDP, but is an insult to the people in the state and their ambitions. A media house today ridiculed the Interim Secretariat in Velagapudi. It carried an article saying that an official who recently came to the interim secretariat had to travel from Velagapudi to Vijayawada to attend nature’s call. Vijayawada is 21 Kilometers away from Velagapudi. The report does not insult the government or the secretariat, it insults the region as a whole. These people are never known to contribute anything to the state but are morally bankrupt and do not even lend their moral support to the state in the crisis. But then people are not innocent to leave these things unnoticed. Paying Price will be very costly once they decide to teach them a lesson.