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Brother In Law Investing For Mahesh's Film

Welcome to the world of gossips. Superstar Mahesh Babu is always a best pick for many gossip mongers and a latest one about him is just mind blowing. After that 100 crores project news of VV Vinayak, here is another multi-crore project which will be his first fantasy film. 

Sources close to Mahesh have rejected that director Rajamouli haven't narrated anything like a "Garuda" story for our Superstar. But some political sources revealed that Mahesh's brother-in-law Jayadev Galla wants to make investment for a magnum opus which will feature Mahesh. Reportedly he want to make something like that of a fantasy film set in ancient times. Or he wants to make a film that will have huge span, scale and appealing subject in the lines of James Bond movie. Like Hrithik Roshan's "Bang Bang" that got Hollywood look all over, we heard that even Jayadev, MP of Guntur, want's his brother in law to be promoted at international level. 

Who's going to be the director of this multi-crore investment project? That's the big Question here. Though Mahesh has stated earlier that he's comfortable with Telugu for the now, seems like he has a change of mind to make a global presence