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TRS Kavitha Invites YS Bharathi

In a surprising move, TRS MP from Nizamabad, Kalvakuntla Kavitha, met YSRCP Chief Jaganmohan Reddy's wife YS Bharathi at the latter's residence at Lotus Pond this evening. This is Kavitha's first ever visit to Lotus Pond. However, media circles say that there were no political motivations behind this meeting and that Kavitha invited Bharathi to participate in the upcoming Bangaru Bathukamma celebrations.

Reportedly, Kavitha requested YS Bharathi, who heads the Sakshi Group, to give wide coverage to Bangaru Bathukamma celebrations, which are being planned to promote Telangana culture and traditions. The Bathukamma celebrations will be taking place during the Dasara festival and Kavitha has planned to bring worldwide recognition to the festival.

Apart from this, both the ladies reportedly spent some quality time discussing family affairs and Kavitha even enquired about YS Vijayamma's health. It is well known that there have been severe allegations by the opposition parties about the Jagan-KCR nexus during and after the Telangana movement. Now, this latest meeting is expected to strengthen the bond between both the families.