Om Namo Venkatesaya

Will Pawan Take Advantage Of This?

A true leader is one who fights for well-being of society. There is another meaning for this in modern political scenario. A leader is one who takes advantage of 'any favorable' situation. Many leaders have reached heights when they rightly utilized problematic situations and fought against government to please one section of people.

NTR became chief minister with a slogan of 'Teluguvadi Atmagouravam'. K Chandrasekhar Rao brought his party TRS to ruling because of Telangana movement. There were many other leaders who fought or took advantage of situations to shine in politics.

Likewise, Power Star Pawan Kalyan also has great opportunity to make his mark in politics. But, the thing is he should make right steps to take advantage of current scenarios in Andhra Pradesh. Entire state is in destress with center disagreeing for special status category for the state. 

In fact, people want a leader who can fight for their right of bringing special status to the state. Pawan Kalyan is going ahead with only motive of bringing special status for the state, by questioning state and central ruling parties. The Gabbar Singh star announced that, Jana Sena Party and the workers are ready to come on roads to start an agitation to bring momentum in leaders.

When Chiranjeevi announced PRP, many senior leaders had joined the party with a hope of the megastar would win elections with his charisma. Since, Chiru failed to win even reasonable seats; he merged the party with Congress. Although, few are interested to join Jana Sena, they are worried whether Pawan can stand strong against all odd situations.

"Pawan Kalyan has strong weapon (special status) to fight against state and central governments, but every step he makes from here on shows big impact. He should speak consciously and could inspire many to take part in the agitation by joining his party. He also needs funds and big backing from senior leaders," opine political analysts.

Chandrababu Naidu and other TDP and BJP leaders are strategically keeping mum over Pawan's strong remarks at Kakinada meeting. 

They know the importance of Pawan Kalyan who is one of the major reasons for their party winning in the last elections. Any silly condemnation against the Jana Sena chief would make him a 'superstar leader' which they don't wish to happen anyway. They still want a friendly correlation with Pawan and Jana Sena.

Pawan Kalyan stated to visit all territories in Andhra Pradesh and arrange public meetings to bring awareness in public. Will he go strong until NDA government bends for his demands or stop in midway if he gets to face tough situations? This indeed will decide Pawan Kalyan's future in politics!