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Ramoji Behind Babu Choosing Amaravati

They say that media big head Ramoji Rao has a lot of influence on Chandrababu and at a recent event, the latter admits it revealing how Amaravati name came up as capital and how it is linked to Ramoji. 

During a book release event of veteran journalist Potturi Venkateswara Rao, Chandrababu revealed that it is Ramoji Rao who called him and gave the name Amaravati to add it in reasonable considerations for capital city, when Babu was in a dilemma over pros and cons about few places to choose between Guntur and Vijayawada. 

Chandrababu admitted that Ramoji Rao explained him about the historical prominence and how that could become a pride for capital city. Amaravati name stood top on probable capital city considerations after thoughts of Chandrababu and Ramoji Rao correlated, hence the steps towards it. So, Ramoji Rao too will have a place in history of AP Capital city along with Chandrababu Naidu.