Om Namo Venkatesaya

No Special Status, No Special Package!

Shocking reports are emerging about Prime Minister Narendra Modi not at all interested in granting Special Status or Special Package. In a the recent core committee of AP BJP, state leaders have clarified to Incharge Siddharth Singh that with out Special Status, they can not hope to make it big in Andhra Pradesh. They asked to announce a Special Package if Special Status is not possible as they will some how try to convince people. What Siddharth Singh said after that is shocking. “For some reason, Modi Saab is not interested in Special Status or Special Package. You need to go to people with the figures of how Center helped the state,” Siddharth Singh said. However BJP leaders clarified that those funds are usually what all the states are mandated to get as their right but Andhra Pradesh people are looking at what the Center is doing additionally for the state. Mere 6400 Crore in two years will take the party no where, they clarified.