Om Namo Venkatesaya

Boring Speech By Pawan

Film star and Janasena president  Pawan Kalyan arranged a press meet at Janasena office to vent out his feelings about the intense situations that prevailed following the violence during the Kapu Aikya Garjana in Tuni yesterday.

Pawan began his speech saying he was deeply upset with the violence and stated that professional anti-social elements must have been the real culprits behind the torching of the train and creating a riot like situation, causing panic.

Even though the Janasena commander said that Kapus be given reservations as per the Indian Constitution and that too without causing any discomfort to the BCs, he didn't take a clear stand on behalf of Janasena and evaded the journos' questions regarding his support to the movement saying he doesn't fight for any community bit he fights for national integrity.

Just like in earlier instances, Pawan once again displayed his immaturity and ignorance about the Kapu reservation and the agitations and violence that took place yesterday and kept on saying that he is not aware of the ground reality.

In his 30 minute media interaction, Pawan time and again showed his elusive nature when he didn't answer the questions about his brother and Congress MP Chiranjeevi's open letter to AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu about Kapu reservations.

Also, Pawan, who said adequate police forces could have averted the violence, neither extended his solidarity or expressed grief to the policemen who were also attacked by the rioters.

Finally, Pawan continued his age old mantra of 'I don't belong to political parties' games' as he said he didn't take any stand in Rohith Vemula's suicide since he felt that the sensitive issue was  exploited by all the political parties.

On the whole, Pawan's press meet failed to evoke a strong feeling of empathy towards the ongoing political crisis as it was mostly confined to being just his 'venting out feelings' rather than taking a plausible political stance to find a solution to the issue.