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KTR Shocks All With ABN Interview

Not too long after ABN news channel and TRS fought eachother and when TRS warned the TV channel of dire consequences if goes against the Government, KTR's interview on the same channel two days ago is most discussed now. Its not the content in the interview, but its just his appearance on ABN channel is shocking many.

Their fight has gone too high that central government has to put hands to pacify them. But recently, KTR appeared on ABN news channel for his election campaign for GHMC polls. 

When Andhra settlers votes have become crucial in greater elections, KTR and KCR are leaving no chances untouched to please them. 

The other day it was a sensation when Andhra actor Sunil called upon KTR on a live show, praising TRS rule in Telangana. KCR claiming Chandrababu's wife Bhuvaneswari vote for TRS has triggered a hot war of words between two parties. 

And even KCR's revelations about why he stopped announcing the planned package for Amaravthi at this time is hinting his way to please Andhra voters in Hyderabad. KTR proudly claims that not single Andhra person was hurt or suffered during their rule in last 18 months. 

All these happenings are hinting people on TRS Masterminds' move to gain Andhra voters trust to win GHMC polls and ABN Interview too comes under the same Game-plan!?