Om Namo Venkatesaya

End of era for MIM in GHMC!

If exit polls reports are to be believed, TRS will have smooth voyage to the mayor post without any help from other political parties. If the opinion polls estimations come true on the results day then it would be end to the hopes of MIM’s on the GHMC mayor post.

The MIM party which holds strong voter base in the old city area would likely tomaintain almost status quo position in the seat levels of concluded GHMC elections. From several years, it becomes custom to have MIM support whoever wants to rule on the GHMC Mayor post as there was always no clear verdict given by the Hyderabad voters. But this time it seems that they are inclined towards ruling TRS party.

Probably it would become the first tenure of coming GHMC municipal council to be formed without help from the MIM party in the GHMC history. In 2009 elections Congress shared Mayor Post with the MIM as the age old grand party is lagging behind the 20 seats for clear majority in council.