Om Namo Venkatesaya

What Will Happen In Telugu States On Feb 5?

The coming 5th February will be anxiously awaited by the people of both the Telugu states. While the day will decide the fate of the GHMC contestants in Hyderabad, Telangana, it will witness an intense rise in the Kapu agitation, with the Kapu crusader Mudragada Padmanabham beginning his fast unto death protest.

The GHMC poll results will be a perfect playground for all the political parties to show their strengths. While the exit polls predict a unanimous victory for TRS, the results will also decide the future of TDP and Congress in Hyderabad and thus Telangana.

Meanwhile in AP, Mudragada's threat to the Chandrababu government will take an all-time high once his fast begins. Political equations will undergo a drastic change with YSRCP waiting to take advantage of this volatile situation to push Chandrababu to a corner.

Knowing how the people's mood took a sudden shift with KCR's fast unto death protest during the separate Telangana movement, AP people will be anxiously hoping not see any such intense political turmoil in the coming days.

And then, following the violence which took place during the Kapu Aikya Garjana, everyone is praying for a peaceful resolution to the deadlock over the Kapu reservations.