Om Namo Venkatesaya

TDP Merger – Litmus test for Speaker?

Telangana Speaker Madhusudhanachari is all set to face a tough test as the defected MLAs have written for TDLP merger with TRSLP. There are several legal implications in this issue. Madhusudhanachari until now is acting on political orders of the ruling party by keeping disqualification applications under pending.

While deciding up on the merger, the Speaker should morally and legally obliged to clear the disqualification petitions. In case they are disqualified, then they will not have numbers to push for the merger.

Constitutional experts say according to 91 amendment of Indian constitution, two-third MLAs can push for the merger of the legislative party only if the party is merged. Here TDP is not merged with TRS and so the TDLP merger issue will not apply here. If the speaker goes political way in this case, courts may interfere. Then that will bring a lot of shame to the Speaker who is a constitutional authority.