Om Namo Venkatesaya

What YSR Couldn't Do, KCR Did It!

Telugu Desam Party had a strong foothold in Telangana. In fact, TDP had stronger cadre in Telangana than in Andhra Pradesh. But that is now passe. Most of its leaders have left the party for brighter future. Leaders, party-workers who was with the party for decades have now switched their loyalties post bifurcation of the state. And this further escalated with TRS sweeping GHMC polls.

Even YS Rajasekhar Reddy, then CM of the united state, couldn't wipe out TDP. Especially he had tough time competing TDP in Telangana and AP. Though YS was partly successful in decimating TRS, it wasn't complete and he passed away in a tragic accident.

But KCR has did it in no time. Surpassing expectations, KCR tactfully put down TDP in Telangana. But it needs to be seen whether it's a knee-jerk reaction or a permanent setback for TDP in Telangana. Political pundits say TDP still has chances to bounce back. Whatever be the future, as of now, KCR managed to do what YSR Couldn't do.