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No Helmet No petrol rule in Telangana

As compulsary helmet rule is not yielding expected results, RTA officials of Telangana are coming with smart moves to educate public about the importance of helmets.  Its known that wearing helmet is compulsory in Telangana from coming June 2nd  and the government passed an ordinance regarding this.

To make sure this will be implement as per rule, Adilabad RTA officers have issued a notice to all petrol pump owners not to fill petrol unless, two wheeler owners come up with wearing a helmet.

Officials has warned fuel filling station owners that this will be implemented strictly and who doesn’t follow this will be taken action against. The rule was successfully implemented in several states before and about 75% riders of two-wheelers are wearing their helmets since then. We have to wait on how Adilabad two wheelers will react to this.