Om Namo Venkatesaya

Amaravati construction to be a ‘very costly’ affair

CRDA had arrived at a conclusion that the first phase construction of Amaravati will cost a whopping 52548 Crore. This is the requirement till 2022. However the constructions till 2018 will need a whopping 34772 Crore which means next three years are going to be crucial.

Immediately, the state government need 3216 Crore in the next financial year. This money is needed for creating basic infrastructure, flood prevention, levelling of land etc. Next comes the crucial administrative buildings constructions.

They also estimated that creating the necessary power infrastructure itself will need 7500 Crore while greenary works along Krishna river will need 5417 Crore. So the allocations in the next state and union budgets are going to be crucial.