Om Namo Venkatesaya

Political Secrets Revealed by KCR

Telangana crusader and Chief Minister KCR is known for his sharp yet witty remarks. He yet again proved it right with his stentorian speech on Wednesday while publicly welcoming Gutta and Gaddam brothers into TRS. KCR's speech was both emotional, political that trash his opponents with single shot. 

By smartly raking up Telangana sentiment and the odds that he and his party MLAs had faced during the movement, KCR made his rivals from Congress, TDP speechless. What's more interesting is that KCR is giving his best even at the age of 62 years.

Here is the KCR's full length speech:

"The Telangana movement (led by TRS) was started in 2001 with an aim for the formation of Telangana state. Started with a small number of people, the movement suffered several insults, several obstacles, several sarcasms, many difficulties and faced police forces, jails, hunger strikes for 14 years. When Rosaiah was the CM of united state, Telangana people didn't even had chance to get 4th class employment in Hyderabad and when then government imposed 14F, I had to sit on fast-unto-death. After all such challenges, Telangana state is announced and everyone in our state rejoiced and so I."

"I was supposed to die (during Telangana movement), but fortunately I didn't die. People of Telangana were all happy as their lifelong dream became true. But a few political developments took place and leaders of all political parties in Telangana cutting across party lines decided to fight jointly for state formation. TDP, BJP, TRS, Congress have all formed a JAC and fought. To show our dissent to Delhi, MLAs of JAC decided to resign in unison in protest on going back. Except TRS MLAs none of the MLAs of other political parties have quit. Out of 2 BJP MLAs, only 1 MLA has resigned whereas other ran away. None from Congress, TDP has resigned. I'm not telling story. It's history. What's more irony is that other political parties (TDP, Congress) have tried to field contestants against the MLAs in by-elections and want to gain political advantage without respecting sentiment. But thankfully, people were with us and we won."

"Even after this, we had faced many problems, many discussions, debates and TRS contested elections on its own and won 63 Assembly constituencies and formed as single-largest party. In the rest 14 constituencies,TRS lost with tender margin of 500, 600 and 1000-odd votes. Even after this, conspiracy was hatched to topple TRS government even before it's formed. Bhatti Vikramarka from Congress had said that TRS govt would fall even before its formed. Since I was CM-designate then, Intelligence officials too gave me tip off. AIMIM chief Asaduddin had suddenly telephoned me and said he wants to take to me urgently and I asked him to come home and he came. He said that he got to know that if necessary TDP, Congress were ready to join forces and decided to bring presidential rule in new state. He added that it's very unfair and extended his full support to TRS and passed the resolution in his party meeting the very next day stating support to TRS."

"Today Congress leaders are alleging that KCR is degrading politics. Jana Reddy garu, I'm not degrading Telangana state. Probably, your party may degrade but not the state. My objective is simple, clear. Telangana should be independent and stand on its own. Golden Telangana (Bangaru Telangana) is my only aim. When YSR was CM, he had joined 10 MLAs out of 14 TRS MLAs into Congress. Why were you (Jana Reddy) silent then? The morals which were defied, dishonoured by you then, how come you raking up them now? If you do it's Samsaram, and if we do that's Vyabhicharam (prostitution)?"

KCR added that people of Telangana are strongly in favour of TRS and they are seeing TRS as a shield that protects them. In his lengthy and sharp speech, TRS outwitted all his political rivals. It's proved that age is not catching up with KCR and instead he is becoming smart with his age. Keeping his ideology and comments aside, one must appreciate KCR for strongly vouching for his people.